Helping children to learn

Helping children to learn

  • Childhood Education: What Factors Influence Foreign Language Learning?

    Multilingualism has become essential in the modern era because of the connections forged through businesses and over online channels. Therefore, it is beneficial for your kids to learn a foreign language during their childhood. An additional language will increase their opportunities in the professional world. Moreover, they will be able to develop strong cross-cultural relationships and connections for healthier growth and development. However, it is important to note that learning a new language can be challenging.

  • 3 Hand Exercises to Help Your Pre-Schooler Develop Their Hand-Writing Skills

    When a young child is sent off to preschool for the first time, every parent hopes that it will be the beginning of a fun, educational path. At this stage of their life, your child is developing new skills every single day, and it is your job to make sure they have the physical tools to help them learn. One thing they will tackle early on in preschool is learning how to write, and the stronger their hand muscles are, the easier this task will be for them.

  • Rain, rain please come and stay - rain as an early learning topic

    The start of winter is a great time to explore the theme of rain in your early learning environment. Children naturally wonder about their environment, so incorporating the natural changes in the environment with the changes of season can be a very engaging way to incorporate learning into your early learning themes. Music themes Sit the children in circle with bongos or drums. Ask them to listen to the rain and match the rhytym of the drops.

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    Helping children to learn

    It's so great to see children asking questions. I try and view childhood education as a process where they ask questions, and we work together to work out the answer. It's more important to know how to find answers than to know every countries names, or the height of the highest mountains in the world. If children can stay curious about their world, then they will keep learning and become powerful citizens. This site has my tricks for helping children and hot to encourage learning within day to day life, and within the formal education environment. I hope you enjoy!